Tuesday, 28 February 2012

First Dose of Chemotherapy

Will copy and paste Prisca's words from her message to me, when I asked her how today had gone,

    • Not too bad. But I feel like crap :(. Stomach is a messssssssss. Waiting for nausea meds to kick in. Hoping that happens soon :(

      Got two more added to the mix. I take zofran at breakfast and bedtime for 5 days, and decadron breakfast and supper and the prochlorperazine every 4 hours as needed and if it's still bad, I can take it by injection, but nurse will come to do it, just have to call.

      Also got ranitidine to help because the decadron can be harsh on your stomach.

      They are sending the nurse for an injection now. I just threw up like crazy!!!

      Finally settled down after throwing up 5 times! And an injection!

      Rather graphic but this is Priscilla's Journey, warts and all! ;)

      Hope tomorrow is easier, my pal Deb said the first day was the worst for her. Will(DH) and Ron(housemate) are taking turns to get up with Megan(5mos) if she wakes in the night so that Priscilla can get her much-needed rest.

      Thank you every-one for your continuing words of support and love,

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Another busy week coming

This week will once again be a busy week! Ugh. Chemo Monday from 10 am til 1pm, chemo Tuesday from 1130 am til 1 pm, Wednesday chemo from 2 pm til 330pm and thursday, 1130 am oral surgeon to make sure all is well healed, and then dentist at 1 pm to adjust my partial.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Priscilla's Week

has been a very busy one. On Tuesday she was injected with a radio-active dye for something called Nuclear Imaging. Her first scan was done on Wednesday morning and she was required to lie still for 1 hour while the scans were taken.

Thursday was a day you wouldn't read about! Up very early for the second scan and then off to the oral surgeon so that he could check the work done last week. He explained that he'd cut some fat from Priss's cheek to plug the cavity caused when one of the 4 teeth were extracted and he was very pleased with the healing.

Next port of call was the dentist to collect her partial bridge, it needs adjusting.

Last but far from least was the hospital for her bone marrow biopsy. Priscilla's white blood cells will be taking a hammering in the next 4 months and she will be required to give herself 10 injections of neupogan to boost her supply of them. This was a shock as she hadn't known she needed so many injections or that she would have to inject them herself. A nurse will come to the house to show her how to do this.

The day was saved by a visit to a clever hairdresser who cut Priscilla's hair and restyled it for her. This was so successful in making her look younger that she was asked for ID when she went to buy a lottery ticket lol See how cute she looks?

Chemo begins on Monday morning and continues on Tuesday and Wednesday. Priscilla had a long overdue cry last night with Will and Kyra holding her tight until she could stop. She's tough and will handle the coming weeks bravely...we know the treatment is rough but will work.


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Latest News

Hi Every-one, thanks for your loving thoughts ..I am way behind in my updates, sorry.

Last week Priscilla  has had 2 front teeth removed and 2 molars...one molar pulled away the bone that divides the jaw from sinus cavity so that had to be repaired and stitched up from the inside, she's on a diet of yogurt and soup and very sore and swollen! 4 stitches inside her mouth and she really recommends Bacon and Potato soup!

This week begins Tuesday with the injection of the radio-active dye, Wednesday morning the first MIBG scan, Thursday morning the second scan and then she sees the oral surgeon to make sure her mouth is healing. She collects her partial bridge from her dentist an hour after that and has her bone marrow biopsy 90 minutes later.

Priss has been presribed Prochlorperazine for the vomiting and nausea she's already experiencing. The Chemo starts on Feb 27 with sessions on the following 2 days and next 15(?)weeks, then the radiation and hopefully surgery to remove the vastly decreased tumour.

Hang in there Sweetheart

Saturday, 11 February 2012

A little news

So it looks like CAS Crown Ward aftercare emergency funds may be able to help me out with the dental costs.... Fingers crossed. Will find out more Monday. I go on Tuesday for the first of the dental work. 2 cavity fillings.

Dr. Nicholas has had the MIBG Scan moved up to the 21-23 instead of the 28th to the 1st. Still waiting for bone marrow biopsy to be booked.

Have to restart the stupid 24 hour urine test for the third time!!!! First time, they forgot to put in the acid in the jug. Second time, they failed to inform me that I needed to be on a special diet for 3 days prior to the test.. Hopefully this is the last time I need to do this!! Argh.

Will have more info on what the chemo start date will be after Monday's appointment with Dr. Nicholas

Had family pictures done tonight at the house with the girls so we have nice pictures to look forward to before mommy's hair falls out.... :)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Dentist outcome

So I went to the dentist's today.... Got 2 Quotes..... One was for 5 teeth extractions, and 2 cavity fillings and a partial bridge for 2133$...... The other one was for $2995 for 3 root canals, 2 teeth extractions and 5 cavity fillings.... This all has to be done before chemo starts to minimize risk of infection. We are probably gonna go the cheaper route.... Talked to social worker as well... There isn't much options. For dental work but I will look around for something. She suggested calling around and telling the dentist's I'm a cancer patient and see if they have a heart and offer cheaper rates.... We will see. She said she would call around for me too and see what she can find. That's all for now!!!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Treatment delayed..........

What an eventful day..... I have to re-do the 24 hour urine test because they gave me the wrong jug the first time..... This one has hydrochloric acid in it so I have to restart the test.. I went to pick up the jug from the cancer centre during Will's lunch hour so he could drive me. With all the stress I've been feeling lately I don't know why but I got really nauseous and Will had to pull over to the side of the road and I got sick:(  UGH... Then when I got home, the WeCare nurse came today to take off my bandage on the port-o-cath and flush the line. No more big bulky bandage and no more cords and wires sticking out....YAY!

Went to the dentist's yesterday. Looks like there was 6 teeth that may cause infections during chemo. She said she may have to pull all 6 :( ARGH! I was crying all night. 4 of them are my front teeth that got damaged when I was pregnant with Kyra. Problem is I have a huge fear of the dentist and shake just heading over to see one. But chemo doctor said I needed a check up before I started chemo so I worked up the nerve to go.. Hubby had to be there the whole time or I may have bolted. Dentist spoke to chemo doctor today to see what could be done so I am scheduled to go in for a consultation tomorrow with the dentist and see what can be done. Hopefully they can fix them instead of pulling them all out.....

After all this, Dr. Nicholas's nurse called me to let me know that the dentist would be in touch with me to get some dental work done. She also let me know that they are delaying my chemo start date because they haven't gotten all the test results back and they need them before they start treatment, so I let her know that I haven't even gotten a call for the bone marrow biopsy yet and she sounded pretty pissed and said she would get on it right away.. Also the MIBG scan is scheduled but it's for the end of the month. She said that was fine and that she would let me know about bone marrow biopsy. So it looks like it's not a Valentine's Day start date anymore. I'm kind of upset because the longer it takes, the longer I have to wait for surgery.... and the longer I have to wait for surgery, the longer I am not at work... and the longer I am not at work, the longer without income.......

I am scheduled to see Dr. Nguyen my dentist tomorrow morning at 9:55 am to talk about what work will be done.. Hopefully it isn't killer expensive.... It cost $190 yesterday just for a few x-rays and a consultation. At 2 pm I am scheduled to get a phone call from a social worker from the hospital to talk about income management and possibly day care help etc etc. Also I see Dr. Nicholas on Feb 13th for a quick visit. We will go from there I guess.. Till then.. Back to the lovely waiting game that is part of being a cancer patient..

Trying to keep positive

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Helpers Will Be Needed

NatalieAnn at the Down to Earth Forums where Priscilla and I are members has suggested that as well as listing appointments and resources here we actually ask for help from family and friends...these are her own words

  1. Many now have friends start a calendar blog with a treatment schedule, baby sitting needs, meals, transportation, someone to sit with the patient throughout chemotherapy tx., & where helpers can sign up for what ever they are available for. I hope there are some resources available for you Priscilla, to make your process throughout treatment as smooth as possible. Praying, hoping & wishing you the very best.

    As Joe and I are so far away and cannot help in practical terms I'm asking that you please contact Priscilla and offer your assistance in one of these ways mentioned by NatalieAnn...perhaps a meal for the freezer or an offer of a little housework...another mentioned that just having a clean bathroom and kitchen would be a wonderful gift to Priscilla and Will. Is any-one willing to go and sit with Pearlz as she undergoes the treatment? I know many of you are working full-time too which makes it more difficult.

    Other encouraging posts from the forum....

    1. One more thing Priscilla................if someone asks if they can help...........Say YES! People dont know what you need, or how they can help, but they really want to do something for you. Some ideas,

      Some meals to freeze
      Help with the children
      Help with housework - a clean bathroom will make anyone feel better!
      Picking up prescriptions or groceries
      Washing / ironing

      I wish I could hold your hands and take the fear away.

      Tarnie(a cancer survivor)

      Lisa said

      1. Priss I have no words of wisdom or ideas and suggestions for treatment but as a mother of 2 children the same age as yours I can only imagine the thoughts running through your mind. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this terrible time xx

        And here's our Lovelies in their Christmas dresses xxxxx