Thursday 5 July 2018 miracles involved

Almost a year from our last post we have to tell you that Priscilla passed away at home last night.

The last 12 months have been so up and down with hopes of the Vitamin infusions giving her some relief from the symptoms and a little extra time, perhaps they did and we're so grateful for all the donations that helped pay for them.

There have been some wonderful times...Kullen's first birthday was an important goal...

Hospice also helped ease the strain on Will and  Pearlz's friend Linda has been by her side throughout this last year...Becky and Michael have the girls.

A huge party in a local park was organised and paid for by the Canadian Children's Services last Summer and a good family photo taken...Priss in a wheelchair by this stage...

Being in the Hospice took it's strain on the family especially the children who missed their Mom terribly so a hospital bed was brought into the home and Priscilla began home nursing/care with daily visits from nurses and carers with Linda there full time too.

Christmas came and went...

but Priscilla's condition began to deteriorate and the pain increased as the tumours continued to grow; no chemo or radiation was suitable so more pain medication was needed.

In May her Dad, Joe, made the trip back to Canada from Australia to spend some last time with her...this proved most cathartic for them both as he was able to clarify some bad memories from her childhood and give her peace of mind. The month passed very quickly...they ate poutine together for one last time and chatted about happier days...

...but so great was her pain that her couldn't hug her.

Through-out this ordeal Priscilla has remained strong, brave, intelligent and loving. Friends and family have visited regularly and cheered her soul and theirs too.

Sharing a giggle with Linda...

This week, a doggie visitor

The world is a much better place for you having been here, you will live on in your precious children and your beloved William will continue to be an amazing Dad to them.
Goodnight, sleep tight Sweetheart, see you in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that Pearlz has lost her brave fight. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sad time
Peter and Marion