Monday, 27 March 2017

Last Day of Radiation

a photo and words from Will

Well her last day of radiation so now no more chemo no more radiation just check ups until the sand runs out. Its in Gods hands now~does he call another angel home? Well time will tell.
Priscilla wants to thank everyone for the support, the words of encouragement are something to look forward to and for myself i just want to say thanks.
Also without the kids we have and all of our friends who knows what would have happened. It's been a 6 year battle but she's not ready to give up just yet.
So thanks for everything it means alot,

March 2017

So much water under the bridge since we last posted!

We have welcomed Kullen into our family ...he was 6 weeks early but soon caught up and went home to meet his sisters and brother...

He was so very tiny but is thriving, growing so quickly and he has the whole family wrapped around his sweet little pinky finger!

new clothes for Easter...

Kullen has quickly reached all his milestones but Priscilla's health continues to give much concern. Chemo was started just a few weeks after Kullen's birth and continued for many weeks, Priss lost her hair again, was hospitalised several times with kidney infections that have necessitated a tube being put in to drain one kidney and again with a very low white blood cell count. The chemo has had no impact and there are now 7 tumours in all attached to her spine and making walking etc very difficult. So the specialists have decided there is to be no more chemotherapy, they will finish off the current 5 days of radiation per week and then take an MRI picture 6 weeks from now to see if it has any impact.

Their plan now is to 'keep her comfortable and try to improve quality of Life'.

Priscilla and her friends have other plans and have begun a campaign to raise funds for Vitamin C infusions, essential oil treatments and they are looking into juices that may be beneficial.
They are planning activities and sales, raffles etc and have set up a GoFundMe page for donations.

GoFundMe for Priscilla

Keeping up her spirits is a big part of helping her and the way people have quickly offered their help has been amazing. If you like to write or send her a card I will give you her address, she keeps all the cards and letters in an album that she regularly reads through if she's feeling down.

We'd like to thank especially Becky and Michael who have the girls in their home for at least 4 nights per week which takes a huge weight off Priss and Will's shoulders; Becky and Meghan care for Kullen when Priscilla has her treatments.

Thank you for reading this, it's very difficult to write about but if it will help our daughter in some way then it is worth it.

Will update again when we have more news.
Sue xx