Monday, 12 August 2013

Treatment plan of action

Doctor Nicholas did a happy dance when he saw my MRI results stating the tumor had went down in size. We aren't sure, but we think their is a hormone connection to the cancer. He is confident enough to let me wait one more month as this is a critical bonding time for me with Liam. I see him again the 13th ofSeptember  and we plan to start treatment the 16th. It's a 5 day outpatient  schedule. Each cycle is 3 weeks. The first 5 days of each cycle I go in every day for treatment. The drug used will be Topotecan. We will do 3 rounds and schedule surgery after the 3rd round. Side effects unfortunately mean that I will lose my beautiful curls once again :( :( :(. Here's praying that God keeps giving me the strength I need to fight through this for me and my family (and friends).

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.