Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Radiation Day 10!

Day 10 of 25 was completed today. My energy has started to severely decrease :( Otherwise, just mild side effects, very mild nausea, pain increase and feeling of heat(mild sunburn) in the radiated area. My appetite has stabilized, which is nice and I am following a "diet" set up by a good friend. It's not so much a diet, then a lifestyle change. Healthier choices mostly and mild exercise.

Sorry the post is so short but my bed is calling me.
I still appreciate your words of kindness and read them at low times

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Radiation Imaging Scan

So i got the "tattoo" done today.. It's actually a permanent mark but it's only about the size of a mole. They marked 3 spots on my stomach. It was kinda painful, like a regular tattoo feels. I went in with a negative mood about the whole exam today especially after changing into the wonderful hospy gowns. UGHH. And the fact that it took the nurse almost 5 minutes to get my IV in . The poor girl was sweating up a storm and her nerves were shot after so many tries, I though she was gonna break down in tears poor girl.  It's just wearing me down being a patient. I don't want to be a patient anymore... I want my life back. I miss being able to spend non interrupted time with my girls and hubby and I miss working and just normal everyday things. Don't get me wrong, having this has definitely benefited me in some aspects as I am starting a journey towards becoming a healthier, and stronger person, but at the same time I feel like my second home is the hospital. One day at a time I guess and one step closer on the road to being eventually cancer free. I tell you, there will be a worldwide celebration the day that news arrives. XOXOX. And a special thank you everyone for the uplifting comments. It's really nice to see everyone's comments. Really helps for me to see all the love that you are sending me and helps keep me in positive moods. Hugs to all. Keep commenting and loving :)


Friday, 1 June 2012

First Ottawa Radiation specialist appointment. June 1/12

Went to see Dr. Caudrellier today. I started having massive pains in my lower left back that reverberated down my spine and left leg to the point where it was extremely painful to move the leg especially to climb stairs. When I discussed it with him he sent me for an emergency spine MRI to see if the piece of the tumor that is sitting over the hole where the nerves are has went into the hole and is causing the major increase in pain. I won't get the results until Monday unfortunately but if that is the case, then we need to start radiation immediately to stop further irreversible damage. But we will see what the verdict is Monday, so trying to keep positive over the weekend.

In other news, I was told about the radiation protocol as well as the immediate and long term risks of radiation (which sent me into tears). Immediate risks are the normal, diarrhea, nausea, sunburn pain, increased regular pain from swelling caused by radiation, lowered immune system (not a bad as chemo). The long term risks however are a lot scarier :(. They include infertility, very early menopause, extreme high risk of developing a secondary cancer caused by the radiation within the next 20 years among others but these were the painful ones to hear). The other complications they are worried about but might not definitely happen is that due to area the radiation is in, my small bowel may collapse and stick to itself which would cause problems and most likely surgery as well as the left kidney may have some damage caused to a part of it due to the radiation.

Next step is to have a CT scan done to determine the radiation area and a semi permanent tattoo around the area to be radiated as well as another MRI, this one of the abdomen and pelvis also to determine exact radiation area. All this should be done next week.

That's the news for now
XOXOX to all the readers and followers. I appreciate your support through this extremely trying time for me, my family and everyone around me.