Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Latest news!

I know I haven't been posting much, but this pregnancy is making me much more tired then usual... I sleep a lot but baby boy is doing well :). Saw oncologist yesterday to see what the plans are.... They basically told me chemo will start 2 weeks after baby is born:( I feel upset about it because I was hoping for a little more time. But at least I get 2 weeks....  So baby will be born probably mid July. Maybe a little later depending on how baby boy is doing. His name will be Liam Terry Eli Adrien Kelly. Can't wait to meet him. Pregnancy is going well otherwise :). And lookin forward to Nana Sue and Grandad Joe meeting their newest grandchild when they come visit from Australia :) Can't wait. Will try to post more when I know what protocol they will be using. Doc said that Toronto hasn't given him any clue as to what chemo they will use. All we know is chemo and then surgery.

Lots of love. Xo

ETA Sunday's Bump Pic at 24 weeks...rather blurred but it shows that Liam is growing!


Hedy King said...

Very good looking baby bump you have these, Priscilla. Liam is growing well, it appears. You are looking good too. Rest as much as you can, will you can. I imagine the girls are terribly excited about having a brother, most females love baby boys whatever the age!
It will be interesting to know what chemo they decide on. I'm always curious when the doctors here change Steve to something new. He had PetScan yesterday, conference with Dr. K next week for results and new plan. Prayers never cease for all with this hateful disease. Be well, Lady.

Priscilla Kelly said...

Thank you Hedy!