Monday, 12 August 2013

Treatment plan of action

Doctor Nicholas did a happy dance when he saw my MRI results stating the tumor had went down in size. We aren't sure, but we think their is a hormone connection to the cancer. He is confident enough to let me wait one more month as this is a critical bonding time for me with Liam. I see him again the 13th ofSeptember  and we plan to start treatment the 16th. It's a 5 day outpatient  schedule. Each cycle is 3 weeks. The first 5 days of each cycle I go in every day for treatment. The drug used will be Topotecan. We will do 3 rounds and schedule surgery after the 3rd round. Side effects unfortunately mean that I will lose my beautiful curls once again :( :( :(. Here's praying that God keeps giving me the strength I need to fight through this for me and my family (and friends).

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.



Sue xx said...

You go girl, I'm so pleased as it also means you won't be in treatment while we are with you and we'll be able to spend some great time together.
Love you and see you in 12-13 days

Hedy King said...

What a terrific report, Priscilla. Enjoy your family for this month, gather your strength then give that tumor a beat down. Blessings Dear Girl. Hedy

Priscilla Kelly said...

Yes I am very happy about that. Also happy that I can get Kyra settled into school. Hoping we will have time to freeze up a few meals while u are here Mum

Anne-Rachel said...

Oh, that is great news Priscilla. My heart felt sore at the thought of you losing your beautiful curls again. I'm sure you've been told this before, but you look great with or without your hair. But I know you since you're a baby, so of course I'll always find you beautiful. :
Prayers, prayers, oh man, sometimes that's all we can do.
Love and lots of hugs, Anne-Rachel xoxo

prairieharmony said...

Such wonderful news!!! I am so glad you are blessed with more bonding time. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.