Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Sorry about that...pun definitely intended

On Tuesday Priscilla told me her hair had started to fall out, it felt like her head was sunburnt and she was very upset about losing her pretty hair. We had a chat about wigs and scarves etc and had a look at
where Mrs Kelly spotted the Kelly Scarf which she loved. I can't praise them enough...the scarf was delivered 2 days later...from Texas to Ottawa...brilliant.

I've just asked Priscilla if she had received it already, I had an email to say it had been delivered, and this was her reply...
    • Yes I got it and I love it!!!!!!
    • It's absolutely gorgeous.
    • I got my head shaved today.
    • The cancer society sent me to a hairdresser that shaves your head for free
    • They put you in a special room and close the curtain and you can have all your family with you if you want.
    • Mel went with me and we cried while they did it. She asked if I wanted to keep my hair and I said no so they are donating it to make a wig.
    • And they showed me how to tie the scarf and put it on for me. I have an appointment at the wig salon for Monday. I will send pics of the scarf on tomorrow.
    • Busy day on Monday for me coming up. At 820 I have to do blood work, then meet my social worker at 930, then see dr. Nicholas and finally get the stage at 1020. And then the wig salon at noon. At least it's all in the same place. Also need to speak to the doctor about more dental work and when I can do it safely because on the right side where the bottom molar was pulled out, there is a piece of bone protruding and it is really sensitive so dentist will have to cut the gum open, shave down the bone and restitch it up. He said that it's free of charge because it is post op fixing.

      Here are a couple of photos Priss took that smile xx

      It appears that Priscilla is receiving some wonderful care, there are so many really good people out there who are quick to lend a hand.
      Love you


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Elizabeth Nesbitt said...

Way to go Priscilla! You're looking gorgeous. xx