Sunday, 25 March 2012

To Priscilla from Elizabeth

  1. I have no idea how they function. But they do. And the clever ones realise that every hour they endure is another hour closer to the rainbow on the other side.

    I think you're allowed to feel depressed. If there was ever a time kick & scream & shout & cry, THIS is your moment. And I would think there was something wrong with you if you didn't kick & scream & shout & cry. Go for it.

    As long as you remember this one truth... The most beautiful things in life are forged under duress. 

    This ring? It used to be a lump of sterling. Someone, somewhere turned up the heat and kept up the pressure until it *almost* reached its boiling point.

    Then it was battered & beaten into shape by things that *seemed* out of control. It became pure & refined.

    And finally, when the worst of it had passed, it was polished and smoothed. It became something of breathtaking beauty, something that glitters in the dimmest light.

    You're SO much tougher than all this. You might still be figuring that out at the moment, but we've got your back &... trust us... we know you can do it.

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