Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Drs appointment today

Much to my disappointment, I was told today by dr. Verma, who is replacing Dr. Nicholas while he is on holidays, that the chances of my tumor shrinking were really slim as they are using a children's protocol and they can't give me enough drugs to match up to an adults protocol as it would kill me. He said the best we could hope for at the moment is a stable tumor. I retorted by asking him why they were even putting me through this?? And he said because there's always the slim chance it would shrink. My thoughts are still the same.... Why would you put someone through all this if nothing is going to change??? Ugh. I'm utterly disgusted and praying that he is wrong.... I have chemo tomorrow, Thursday and Friday and will have a ct scan on the 23rd to see what has been going on in there and see Dr. Nicholas on the 30th to follow up. If there are no changes, they are thinking they will have to change the chemo protocol. Not willing to extend this any longer than need be, depending on my options I will ask the risks of immediate surgery and make a decision from there.


Sue xx said...

Oh no...you must feel like they've deceived you, I'm so sorry this Dr has been so blunt with you and perhaps rather tactless...sending so much love and waiting until the 23rd to hopefully see some good signs.
Love you so much

Elizabeth Nesbitt said...

I'm guessing Dr Verma didn't get a distinction in college for his bedside manner - how discouraging for you - but I can kinda see his point.

If there was just the smallest chance you could be there for your girls...a lot of people would jump on the opportunity and hold on through hell & high waters. Others would prefer to slip out quietly without all that fuss, just enjoying their last days as best they can.

Whatever happened to laying out all the facts and helping patients make well informed decisions...I can't believe they're only just telling you this?!

Hoping your CT brings good news and they work out something amazing for the rest of your treatment. Hang in there P xxx

Grandmaibb said...


Donna said...

Know that we are with you all the way. Would be interested in what the drs at Princess Margaret have to say.

Found a cute pattern for a warm night cap and some pretty material for scarves (inspired by Sue's lovely gift). Will see you soon. As usual, Sandra sends her love, and Patsy and Louise, too. (And Terry - his daughter asked about you also).