Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Bad Reaction

Must apologise for the lack of recent posts, Priscilla has been getting through each day as best she can, the drugs make her very sleepy but her beloved mother in law is there caring for the little girls so Priss can rest when she needs to. Her birth mother goes over every Friday and helps with the housework and that is much appreciated too. Bless you both.

On April 30th Priss met Dr Nicholas for the results of the scan done the previous week. The report was that  the tumour has retreated from the spine...but because scans weren't taken just before treatment began he cannot say that the tumour is shrinking but he feels it has certainly stopped growing so she began Round 4 of chemotherapy this week. Unfortunately Priscilla had an allergic reaction to the doxorubicin...she had this same reaction last time but it was attributed to the mscontin that time. Treatment for swelling of the face was benedryl. Now we know.

Another step recently has been for Priss to re hydrate herself at home through the cathoport.

So that is the news up to date, Priscilla and her family have 2 dogs, a chatterbox of a cat and 2 budgies so there is much going on all the time...I think that pets are the best thing ever so here are Dubby, Puss and Elmo...

Dubby Boy

Puss whose name will remembered after I post!

Elmo Basset Hound

That's all for now but we thank you for your thoughts and prayers,

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