Friday, 11 May 2012

Off To Toronto Again

Priscilla has had a phone call today advising of an appt in Toronto on Tuesday morning with her radiologist, Dr Catton, and her team. She was not expecting to hear from them until all the chemo had been finished so we're quietly optimistic that the recent scans show more than we thought and that they may indeed will be starting radiation soon.

It's a 5 hour drive so she will leave home at 4am, her friend Louise is taking her this time. Priss is also going to look into the "park and ride" system on the outskirts of Toronto as the morning rush hour traffic is horrendous.

We'll let you know the outcome once Priscilla gets home on Tuesday night. She also sees her local Dr Nicholas on Monday afternoon, perhaps he'll have some idea why Dr Caton wants to see her.

I love this photo taken the first day in Canada for me in 2004. Priss had just driven us from Toronto overnight and we were enjoying a huge breakfast at Dunn's on Elgin Street...the breakfast cost was all of $1.99 back then with bottomless coffee cups! Gerry looks like he enjoyed his too :D
 Priscilla is wearing my new sweater...and I never got it back lol

Wrestling with Dad a few days later

and a cuddle with me....ahhhh Priscilla you are much loved, have a Happy Mother's Day xoxo

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Elizabeth Nesbitt said...

I've never seen these photo's before! They're so precious.