Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Radiation Imaging Scan

So i got the "tattoo" done today.. It's actually a permanent mark but it's only about the size of a mole. They marked 3 spots on my stomach. It was kinda painful, like a regular tattoo feels. I went in with a negative mood about the whole exam today especially after changing into the wonderful hospy gowns. UGHH. And the fact that it took the nurse almost 5 minutes to get my IV in . The poor girl was sweating up a storm and her nerves were shot after so many tries, I though she was gonna break down in tears poor girl.  It's just wearing me down being a patient. I don't want to be a patient anymore... I want my life back. I miss being able to spend non interrupted time with my girls and hubby and I miss working and just normal everyday things. Don't get me wrong, having this has definitely benefited me in some aspects as I am starting a journey towards becoming a healthier, and stronger person, but at the same time I feel like my second home is the hospital. One day at a time I guess and one step closer on the road to being eventually cancer free. I tell you, there will be a worldwide celebration the day that news arrives. XOXOX. And a special thank you everyone for the uplifting comments. It's really nice to see everyone's comments. Really helps for me to see all the love that you are sending me and helps keep me in positive moods. Hugs to all. Keep commenting and loving :)



Sue xx said...

Keep on keeping on, SweetHeart...sending all the love in the world to you and yours

Anne-Rachel said...

It looks like you're moving forward. I love reading you and thank you for writing to us about your journey.

Love and healing light to you Pearlz,

Anne-Rachel xxoo

Hedy King said...

Our family is in the midst of 3 medical journies, husband has lung cancer, grand daughter needs kidney transplant, mother has Alzheimers. Being a patient is tiring, trying and stressful. Dig deep into yourself and know you can do this, you are a strong woman and have so much to get well for. Praying for you, Priscilla.

Little Home In The Country said...

Priscilla - I am thinking of you every day and we are sending healing thoughts each and every morning :) You CAN kick this to the curb! Fight hard for your health and for your girls - I KNOW you can do it... Don't let this horrible disease take the fight out of you - you ARE a fighter - I just KNOW it. Go out and prove it to the world!!!!!!!!!!!! Super big hugs XOXOXOXOX

Anonymous said...

Keep strong Pris. You are a strong person and you will pull through this.Lots of Love .

P.S Always thinking of you , you r the bestest friend in the world. xoxoxo