Friday, 1 June 2012

First Ottawa Radiation specialist appointment. June 1/12

Went to see Dr. Caudrellier today. I started having massive pains in my lower left back that reverberated down my spine and left leg to the point where it was extremely painful to move the leg especially to climb stairs. When I discussed it with him he sent me for an emergency spine MRI to see if the piece of the tumor that is sitting over the hole where the nerves are has went into the hole and is causing the major increase in pain. I won't get the results until Monday unfortunately but if that is the case, then we need to start radiation immediately to stop further irreversible damage. But we will see what the verdict is Monday, so trying to keep positive over the weekend.

In other news, I was told about the radiation protocol as well as the immediate and long term risks of radiation (which sent me into tears). Immediate risks are the normal, diarrhea, nausea, sunburn pain, increased regular pain from swelling caused by radiation, lowered immune system (not a bad as chemo). The long term risks however are a lot scarier :(. They include infertility, very early menopause, extreme high risk of developing a secondary cancer caused by the radiation within the next 20 years among others but these were the painful ones to hear). The other complications they are worried about but might not definitely happen is that due to area the radiation is in, my small bowel may collapse and stick to itself which would cause problems and most likely surgery as well as the left kidney may have some damage caused to a part of it due to the radiation.

Next step is to have a CT scan done to determine the radiation area and a semi permanent tattoo around the area to be radiated as well as another MRI, this one of the abdomen and pelvis also to determine exact radiation area. All this should be done next week.

That's the news for now
XOXOX to all the readers and followers. I appreciate your support through this extremely trying time for me, my family and everyone around me.


Anonymous said...

Sending a big hug to you! I wish I could give you some words of encouragement but, I know you have heard them all before.

You are doing all the right things!! You are a strong woman! Stay positive as you are and keep fighting!

Lots of love,

Bonnie said...

Dear Priscilla,

The first time I met you I recognized your inner strength, your inner beauty and your genuine heartfelt kindness. I firmly believe you can and will pull through this with amazing results. I am sending you love from my heart to yours during this trying time. Hold to the belief in miracles. Please take the time to find the inner you I recognized many years ago. I would like to share the amazing story of Anita Moorjani who overcame all her obstacles at She also has a book, simply wonderful! May all your family, friends and bloggers send you love!

Whitney McCrum-Morrison said...

Sending you bear hugs. You keep fighting, love!

Elizabeth Nesbitt said...

Does it have to be semi permanent tat? They can't do a flutterby or something decent? :P

That's shocking and scary news - one hurdle at a time babe. We'll cross those bridges when & if they come.

Remember my parable comparing cancer to an out of control car? Car crashes suck butt. That is all.

Much love to you & yours.

Hedy King said...

Keep the faith, Priscilla. My husband is on the same road as you, we have our ups and downs. Just keeping hope alive in our hearts is important. Our thoughts become actions and our actions become who we are; let's be positive. You are such a strong lady, I admire you for standing strong.

Mandy Moo said...

Chin up sweetie :) Being informed of all possible side effects is very scary indeed. It's so hard to stop your mind from playing "What if....". But as I recently learned, you can only deal with the here and now, so try and focus on what you do know, and what can be done to treat that. Love and hugs from across the miles ♥ Mandy Moo