Tuesday, 4 December 2012

5th Toronto Trip scheduled....

Hello everyone,

I got a call this morning asking if I was available to go to Toronto for a few days next week. I will be going on Monday night and returning Wednesday evening. I have appointments scheduled for Tuesday with Dr. Gupta (chemo oncologist) and Dr. Gladdy (surgeon). On Wednesday I will have a CT scan there.. Not sure if this means I am getting surgery or chemo but I will definitely know more once we go to Toronto. Looking forward to the trip...

I want to give a special thank you to my biological mom for offering to come with me, the anonymous donation from the church that will pay for meals and taxi, Cornwall CAS worker Emily Stewart who is taking care of the transportation costs and Kyber Outerwear bosses, Gina and Todd, (My job that I miss so much :( ) for hotel accomodations. Without you guys this trip would not be financially possible from my end.. You guys are great!!!!

Thank you


Hedy King said...

Another step to becoming well, Priscilla, another step. And aren't friends wonderful to help us get to where we need to be. Positive thoughts and prayers for you next week. We have another chemo treatment tomorrow, hopefully this one won't make him so weak. Chemo is ugly but through it we can become well. Stand strong, Lady.

Anne-Rachel said...

Thank you for the update Priscilla. We can start praying right now!

And yes, thank you to all the generous friends and family to help you in that way. Wow, this is a great world sometimes.

Looking forward to more news and sending big hugs your way. xxoo

Priscilla Kelly said...

Thank you Hedy. Positive thoughts and prayers for tomorrow. Chemo is very rough :-( Someone mentioned to me once to think of it as a healing treatment instead of chemotherapy... That way you go in thinking positively instead of thinking of the negative parts of all this. Hugs