Thursday, 22 November 2012

One year ago.... Nov 24, 2011

One year ago  (November 24th, 2011), I got diagnosed with cancer...... I remember that day so clearly..... The night before, I went to the walk in clinic at my doctor's office with Lanna and Will and the girls, just to get the results from my ultrasound because I did not want to wait for an appointment... I remember the doctor reading the words out loud. Large mass in retroperitoneal space measuring 15.1 cm long. That night, he told me to go to emergency, with the note he had given me to get an emergency CAT Scan. I was scared...... I'm still scared....and probably will always feel a little scared. The next morning, I dropped Kyra off at her nanny's and as I was still breastfeeding, I took baby Megan, then only 3 months old with me to the Queensway Carleton Hospital, with my doctor's note and Lanna and Anna met me there and waited the day out with me. Cranky baby and all, I was told I could not breastfeed for 24 hours after scan and was not impressed. Lanna and the nurses ran around the hospital trying to find baby Megan formula and I cried thinking it was not fair that I could not feed my baby girl because of a stupid test..... Little did I know that would be the least of my worries for the next little while... Spent many hours at the hospital waiting for the results of the scan and Lanna had to leave for a while to bring Anna and her girls home. As Murphy's Law is always there, as soon as she left, the doctor called me in to share my results. He asked me to go in a private room to give me the results and told me that I needed to put the baby down before he spoke to me because it was serious... At that moment I knew that I would not be able to handle the news alone and I asked the doctor to wait until my support was back. I rushed to the phone and called Lanna and said " Please hurry, it's bad news and I need you". Lanna showed back up in less than 2 minutes. We went back into the little private room and I put baby Megan down in her car seat and Lanna and I sat hugging on the exam table and listened as the doctor said the C word.... We both broke down into tears and I have never felt so scared, shocked and fearful in my life!!!!!!!!

Then the tumultuous appointments and hospital visits started.  4 long rounds of chemo, 2 lengthy hospital stays due to infection, 4 blood transfusions, 25 radiation treatments, 4 trips to Toronto and scans upon scans upon scans later, I am here today. Still waiting..... still alive..... still shining....... still praying.... still positive.....still fighting...

In this year, I've celebrated baby M's First Christmas, First Easter and First Birthday (August 17th). Watched her learn how to sit, how to crawl and now how to walk.
I've also celebrated miss K's 3rd birthday (January 10th, 2012) and watched her grow into a beautiful little girl, who is so in love with her mama and is my greatest little helper.

Just goes to show you how much can be thrown on one person's plate that they have no choice but to handle.

I''ll tell you this, there are days when I don't feel so strong, so positive, or so happy, but I'm still here and still fighting and will continue to fight until the end....

This week I've tried to contact Toronto twice to no avail...both doctors that I have contact info for are on holidays until next week. I'm getting frustrated of the constant waiting, but at the same time enjoying the break from hospitals, but it's hard to keep going, and always wondering what the next step is. I want to enjoy my holidays with my girls and have a bit of a clue of what is happening before the holidays come upon us.

What will I write next year when I hit this anniversary date? Will I ever forget this date or will it always be engraved in my head like it was yesterday? Only time will tell... But for now.. Positive thoughts, positive prayers and positive smiles..

Peace and love to everyone,
I hope that everyone enjoys the holidays coming up




Sue xx said...

Precious woman, your bravery astounds me. Always.
Love you so much

Priscilla Kelly said...

Thank you Mum. Xoxoxoxo. :-)

Little Home In The Country said...

I am crying tears of hope and joy with you.... I never stop thinking about your fight ~ you are courageous and strong and I could only hope to be half the woman you are XO Live long and well Priscilla XO

Priscilla Kelly said...

Thank you so much.

Becci Sundberg said...

{{{hugs}}} Pris, you are such and amazing strong woman. You are often in my thoughts.
Bring on the next awesome 12 months and with any luck this time next year there will be major celebrations xx

Priscilla Kelly said...

Thank you... Celebrations would be ideal wouldnt it?

Anne-Rachel said...

Dear Priscilla,
Ok, I am crying right now. I wanted to read you but knew it would touch me deeply, so had to brace myself.
You have kept your light, your goodness, your hope, your love of life, and most of all, continued to be the best of Mom.
You could write a book one day. I really do think you have a writing talent. You are so honest when you write, and you let us have a glimpse of your heart, your soul, your spirit, and your private life. You are such a beautiful, strong, courageous, intelligent woman. Your daughters are very lucky to have you as their mother.
Peace and love to you also my sister in life.

Priscilla Kelly said...

:-) Thank you. I don't see myself as talented as u see me. I feel strongly and it comes out in my words I guess. Thank you. Xoxox.

Hedy King said...

Priscilla, I read Sue's news and saw those gorgeous photos this morning. It is wonderful to see you looking so good with your sweet babes. The past year has been rougher than most could imagine, but you are here still. Positive spirits, prayers and words are sometimes so hard, but do make a big difference in life. I'm praying for your family daily, dear girl. As my family struggles with my husband's lung cancer, my heart grows bigger with families like yours. We aren't alone in our battles. Happy Christmas to you all, Strand Strong. Hedy

Priscilla Kelly said...

Oh Hedy,
I didn't know you were struggling too :-( it is very true that you get closer to people who are found thru the same thing. I guess because we can relate......

You are very right when you say its difficult to stay positive at times, but it does make a big difference.

I will keep u and ur family in my prayers as well xoxox

Anonymous said...

I received your news from your Mum, and I am so pleased that she is able to go with you on this eventful trip. I hope and pray that you get the information you need.
You have had an amazing journey, one that many would have had difficulty with, but you have remained strong and cheerful(most of the time!) which is a great testament to your inner strength.
Stay strong and continue to believe and all things will be possible.
God Bless
Peter and Marion.