Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sharing Another Family's Thoughts About Cancer

From Crunchy Chicken's blog in the hope that her words will help those around Priscilla who are with her in this battle.

What to expect when your loved one has cancer

Kyra loves her snowman! She taught Megan how to say "pancakes" last night and Priss had a riot on her hands as they chanted "Pancakes for Supper!!" They enjoyed their pancakes with apple sauce...yummy!

Thank you from Down Under for all your positive comments, prayers and thoughts,
Love from Sue

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Elizabeth Nesbitt said...

That's a wonderful link, great find Mumsy. xx

And that's awful news...the girls have realised that they outnumber Priscilla! It's all downhill and pancakes for supper from now on.