Friday, 28 June 2013


It seems that to follow this blog come Monday you will need to click on the Follow Me in red print to the right of this page. Google Reader is closing down so come on over with us.

Priscilla is in considerable pain these last few days as baby and tumour press upon her spine. She is unable to sleep much but is taking a warm bath in the middle of the night to ease the pain.
Her doctor's have still not set a date for chemo to recommence or for when Liam will be induced so please hold her very close to your heart.

She took her little girls to the movies this week, Megan's first time...
" We saw the Croods. Was an animated film. Megan was an angel. Kyra not so much lol"

Love from Sue


Priscilla Kelly said...

Evelyne LeCavalier has left a new comment on your post "Bloglovin'":

I'm sorry I haven't made any comments here yet. It is hard for me to tell you how I love you. I've known you all your life since you were a baby. Even though I left when you were still very young, I've never stopped loving you and in this ordeal of yours, I have come to admire you. I do often say a prayer for you.

You are an example of courage and decication for me!

Priscilla Kelly said...

I accidentally hit delete instead of accept on this comment from Evelyne and didn't know how to undo that and publish it, so I copy pasted it and reposted it under my name.
Thank you Evelyne :)

Madge said...

Priscilla, thinking of you every day and admiring you so much as you travel through these last few weeks of pregnancy.