Thursday, 4 July 2013

Liam's Birth Is Close

For last 2 weeks Priscilla has been vomiting frequently and when she saw the Paediatric Specialist and high-risk team who will deliver Liam they found that his head is already in the engaged position and that birth is imminent.
Dr. Fiegel even suggested that she may begin labour at any moment now. This doctor has many years of experience and Priscilla likes him very much, she is so fortunate to have him looking after her. He has seen her through the PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) as well as Kyra and Megan's pregnancies. He also was there to deliver Kyra.
He wants to runs a test to see how well Liam's lungs are developed which will affect the treatment he needs at birth...the test is done by taking some amniotic fluid and you can read about that here.

So on Wednesday, July 10th Priscilla will go in at 8am for the sample to be taken and then she has a meeting with the High Risk Team led by Dr Huard who may decide to induce her there and then if they are happy with Liam's lung development.

Needless to say this a very stressful for Priss and Will and their families. They are so excited to be meeting this miracle boy but Priss has a long list of last minute preparations to get through all while being sick and very tired!
This pic was taken on Sunday...

So as always we ask that you keep Priscilla and her baby boy and family in your hearts and prayers, your support has got us this far and we appreciate it so very much.
Perhaps our next blog post we'll have some-one very special for you to meet!
Love from Sue


Hedy King said...

Aww Sue, what a time for your Sweet Girl. Priscilla, I'm praying for you and Liam. Blessings to all. We are in hospital as I write this. Husband has had a setback this week.

Priscilla Kelly said...

So sorry to hear Hedy. You will be in my thoughts and prayers as well. Xoxo.

Madge said...

Thinking of you all today, especially of you Priscilla. Over 32 weeks now so that is a good milestone to reach.

Anonymous said...

Definitely thinking of you and sending forth our prayers. We hope that today has not been too stressful for you and that all has worked out well.
Peter and Marion