Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Message From Priscilla

Priscilla has now been in hospital for 12 hours and her labour is going slowly and gently. As soon as Liam is born we'll let you know but in the meantime it is very important that the strict hospital rules are followed regarding visitors to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, The Ottawa Hospital.
Liam's health is the primary concern here and we beg that you do not try to visit if you are unwell or have been with any-one who is unwell. These tiny babies in the Unit are very vulnerable for their first weeks.
Priscilla is not in the best of health as you know so please let's make this as easy as possible for her.

These are the rules at the Unit...(click on the link)

Will and Priscilla may visit at any time. Kyra and Megan may visit in the afternoons only.

Other visitors only between 3pm and 7pm and ONLY 2 per day may come, they must be accompanied by either parent and go in 1 at a time, for example if 2 people come to visit then they will be taken in one at a time by either Priscilla or Will. Priority will be given to close family at first.

We understand that every-one is very excited to meet Liam and are sorry it may be a while before you can go in. Priscilla asks that you message her to arrange your visit so that she can work out a time-table.
At this time it is not known how long Liam will be in hospital, he will stay in the Unit after Priscilla has been discharged and this will be a very stressful time for the family.

I'm sure Priss and Will will be posting lots of photos of their son and each other on Facebook :)

Thank you in advance for your consideration,
Love from Sue


Hedy King said...

Thanks for the update, Sue. Hoping Liam arrives soon, safe and sound. Hedy

Anne-Rachel said...

Good on you Sue! I think that was very well explained and probably very necessary.
My thoughts and prayers are with her and her close family.