Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Getting stressed.

Hi everyone,

Liam is doing so very well and blowing the standard newborn weight gain of 5-8 oz per week. He gained 11.5 oz last week and 13.5 oz this week!! Super proud mommy here :). Here he is smiling. It's a little blurry cuz he wouldn't stop moving his head :). 

Happy boy he is :). 

In other news, chemo is coming fast and making me feel ill because I'm feeling stressed. I've unfortunately have already had a few bouts if anticipatory nausea, which I also experienced last time around.  I do feel confident though that things will run smoothly on the medical end of things though. My nurses,  from Saint Elizabeth Home Care,  visited today and gave me a letter to bring to my doctor on Friday with a complete chemo action plan. Basically, access to IV hydration as it helped me sooooo much last time and wasn't discovered until the final round of chemo,  subcutaneous injection anti-emetic (anti-nauseant) meds and portacath access. 

At this point, I am really not looking forward to doing chemotherapy once again at all but am also in the state of mind to get it done and over with.... I want my life back and I want to enjoy my family and stop feeling stressed and tired and weak all the time. 

I am very happy with everything that got accomplished when my step mum and dad were visiting the past two weeks (by the way 2 weeks is not very long when you have visitors) :( . I mustered up as much courage and energy as I could (all while wrangling 3 children under the age of 4, with one who is up every 2-3 hours wanting to eat) and Sue was an amazing and I mean AMAZING help as well and we got my main floor completely de-cluttered and cleaned. Feels very rewarding to see it that way, knowing all the effort that was put into getting it that clean. Also when Sue or I (mostly Sue) would prepare supper, we would make an extra dish or two and stick in the deep freeze. We also set up and froze a few meals to throw into the crock pot in the mornings. Hopefully a few more friends and neighbours will gather around and help with meals as well as it will be very difficult for me to get those kind of things done during chemo and the energy I will have, I will want to spend with my children, not in my kitchen, cooking. 

So next appointment is Friday, September 13th at 1:20 PM. It's the pre-chemo appointment with Dr. Nicholas and then chemo is every day the following week. Monday the 16th at 10 am, Tuesday the 17th at 10 am, Wednesday the 18th at 10:30 am, Thursday the 19th at 11 am and Friday the 20th at 11:30 am. I will try to update Friday if there is any new information. 

Thank you everyone for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. I love each and everyone of you. 


P.S.  We got our family pictures done at Walmart on my birthday. Should be arriving anytime. Can't wait to see them. Wanted to get a nice one of all 5 of us before my hair goes again. But in the meantime, here is a nice picture of Daddy and his 3 babies <3


Hedy King said...

Beautiful family, Priscilla. I'm praying you have a stress free chemo round this time. My Steve wasn't bothered by the nausea much, but weakness never left him. So happy Sue n Joe could be there with you awhile. We mums are great for cleaning n organizing a home, especially for our kiddos. Take care, Lady, good thoughts and prayers for you all. Hedy

Priscilla Kelly said...

Thank you very much Hedy.!!! I'm sooooo sorry about your loss. When I found out from reading Sue's blog. I cried. God bless you and your family as well. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

You really are an awesome mother to be able to do what you are doing! Very well done. So pleased to hear that Liam is doing well, even if he is eating you out of house and home! We hope last week was not too stressful for you and that you are able to relax a bit this week. You are always in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you every success.
Peter and Marion