Saturday, 18 October 2014

No News Has Been Good News

After waiting many, many weeks to hear from the Toronto team about the radical radiation treatment they'd suggested Priscilla's Dr Nicholas has decided the following...

Dr. Nicholas and I both agreed that the MIBG radiation therapy would be too risky since they wouldn't know what dose is safe for an adult as it hasn't been done to anyone over 40 lbs. at this point we also agreed that leaving Toronto out of the equation was probably the best bet as they haven't done anything for me nor have they ever followed through with any of their action plans. So for now we will just do scans every 3 months an keep it at that. I'm content with that. It doesn't mean I'm in remission but it means it's currently under control and to me at this point that's the best news I could get.
 — feeling content. "

Special birthday brunch for a special lady...

Priscilla and Will and the children are loving their new home, the girls have settled happily into their new school and Liam is walking now. The first Thanksgiving dinner has been enjoyed by a large's what Priscilla cooked...
Getting ready for thanksgiving dinner, meat pies and Turkey in the oven, ham in the crockpot, potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn on the stove. Desserts were made Thursday, pumpkin tarts, blueberry pie, peanut butter fudge and chocolate mint cookies. Just have to get the hors d'oeuvres in the oven soon and waiting for people to come. Happy thanksgiving everyone, I'm thankful mostly for my family

Liam doesn't look too sure about this pumpkin...I think he'll enjoy the 'candies' at Halloween lol

Well and truly Autumn, the family and special friends went to a farm nearby and chose a pumpkin each.The children played in a huge barn and enjoyed a tractor ride ...

Not Tarzan's Jane but our Kyra!

Thank you Mel for the great photos :)

We'd like to thank all our readers who have given Priscilla such support during the early days which were especially dark...we had no idea where she was headed or that we would welcome Liam into our family during this awful time. Much love and gratitude to you all.



Hedy King said...

This post was long hoped for and much enjoyed. The news that Priscilla is holding her own so well is wonderful. The children look as if the country life agrees with them, too. They are beautiful. I hope you enjoyed a blessed Thanksgiving, we will have ours later this month here In the States. Praying for your good health and happiness. Hedy

Hedy King said...

Thanks for the update, Sue. I wish Priscilla and her family a very Happy New Year and God's blessings. Hedy