Tuesday, 26 July 2016

How Things Are Now

So much has happened since our last update...Priscilla has again beaten all the odds and expert opinions to conceive another baby boy, due December 9th.
However the original tumour has started to grow, it's blocked her left kidney and necessitated a tube to be inserted to drain it to an external bag. It's been very painful and becomes infected very easily so she's on strong pain medications as well as anti-biotics now.
A second tumour has developed next to her left ovary and that is a serious cause for concern. Her oncologist plans to start chemo in the third trimester and deliver the baby as early as possible via caesarian section.

These are Priscilla's words

"'Saw my OBGYN today and although I haven't been gaining weight baby is growing very well. He is measuring at 23 weeks and I'm 21 weeks. I thought I was 20 but apparently i lost a week somewhere according to him lol. Blood pressure was normal and no longer a worry. I was sure my blood pressure was high because I was in more pain than usual. See him again on a month. Last week I saw dr. Nicholas and hes concerned by the weight loss because it may mean the tumor is growing. Hoping it's not. I have an MRI at the end of August and an appointment with a dietitian over the phone tomorrow to try to find ways to increase my intake. Problem is with the baby growing and the tumor there my stomach has shrank as it has no room and my appetite is non existent (unless it's Riverside pizza haha but not so much affordable to eat every day ). I see dr. Nicholas again on the 9th of August again for a quick follow up. The infection in my nephrostomy seems to be coming back a bit again too so may have to head back to emerge earlier for more antibiotics. I have about 2 days left of the original prescription. I wish there was an easier solution to that problem. Although the tube has relieved an immense amount of pain I now have pain in other areas and extreme exhaustion from fighting the infection. It seems like a lose lose but trying to keep my head up. Thank you everyone for your support."'

Counselling is helping keep her head above a water these days as she also lost her beloved father-in-law last month but caring for a busy young family certainly takes your mind of things for a lot of the time

Summer rolls on and they are all enjoying lots of outdoor time...

 Even when it's raining they don't want to come inside...

Liam turned 3 and thoroughly enjoyed his birthday party in the garden with his family and friends...

So that's where we're at today, wishing and hoping for the very best for Priss and Will and all their loved ones, please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers,

Love from Sue

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