Saturday, 30 July 2016

A Robbery

The day after I wrote the last post Priscilla's quiet little town had as many as 50 cars and vehicles broken into, hers included.

The thieves stole over $300 of items such as cash, gift cards and her medications after she left her purse in there...she had taken all three children for a long bike ride and a play in the local splash pools before bed and when she got home she had so much to carry in and sort out that she forgot to go back out for the purse. Needless to say she is shocked and feels violated by this and also worried that they will come back.

Intra-venous anti-biotics were supposed to have been started for her kidney infection but that got mixed up and instead of home care nurses coming out to her she was told to be at the hospital at 7.30am the following day to have the drip started.

I just wish I could wrap her up in a gentle hug and make it all better but that will never be the case so instead we chat and stay close that way~~~please keep them all in your hearts.

Happier/healthier times 10 years ago at her aunt and uncle's house

Let's hope this coming week goes better

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