Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Last MRI Results and a Happy Mother's Day

Well the results aren't good at all, the 7 tumours have all grown slightly and Priscilla now has a fracture of her L4 her own words

"Saw Dr. Leigh this morning. Got update on MRI I had at the beginning of May. There has been a slight increase in size of the tumors and there is now a spinal compression fracture at the original tumor at verterbrae L4. Nothing they can do about it except control my pain. Only option for bone metastases is radiation and I've already had my max. But the good news is that since I started vitamin C infusions I have better pain control and using my pain pump less"

We are delighted of course that the vitamin C infusions are helping even though they are $140 each and 3 times a week...this is where the fund-raising is so important, the infusions would be out of reach without this and the GoFundMe campaign.

Mother's Day was still celebrated in style with a fabulous brunch at home and lots of cards and flowers...

and a yummy chocolate and berry pancake served with love...

Please keep your messages of support coming as they mean so much to Priscilla and Will and help them their spirits up
Love from Sue

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