Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Mid July 2017

Now that Priscilla's 20 Vitamin C infusions have come to an end she is really struggling with fatigue and stress to the extent that her palliative care doctor has requested a bed for a week at a local respite centre, hopefully this will give her the chance to regain a little strength...her own words...

"So I know I haven't updated you guys in a while and I'm sorry about that. My vitamin C infusions ended on June 27th. That was the 20th infusion. My energy had been really good. Since they have stopped my energy has gone back down and I find myself falling asleep almost every time I stand still. Its really annoying. Also I've been having a lot of anxiety attacks, a lot of stress. Dr. Leigh, My palliative care doctor put me on the waiting list to go to hospice for respite for a bit. I got a bed starting tomorrow for about a week to relax and unwind and de-stress a little bit. I also have an appointment at 230 with Dr. Chelsea Grant my naturopathic doctor, to see the next steps. Will try to update tomorrow once I know more"

At the weekend she and Will had the three younger children baptised...this is my favourite photo of the family...each child has 2-3 god-parents to take care of them in the future...

The family has been enjoying so many outings this summer, they've been fishing, having BBQs, to fairs and even to Montreal for a short stay to visit the Biodome there...Priss is making lots of happy memories for her beautiful family. Will and girls are learning karate and Will has joined a gym and is building up his strength and fitness.

Stay strong Sweetheart...and please keep them all close in your hearts and prayers,

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