Monday, 5 November 2012

Latest News

Hi everyone,

I know this post is long overdue and sorry for making everyone wait..

- After the last Toronto trip, things were supposed to proceed quickly, but unfortunately they didn't. My case has a new person working on it now. A doctor from Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto who is a neuroblastoma expert. I can't remember his name at the moment???  He looked over my images and believed that the tumor may have been dead!!!!!!! I was scheduled to get an MIBG scan. Because of the rarity of this scan it did not get scheduled until the end of October as they need at least 4 people scheduled to do the scan. What a stressful 2 months that was!!!!!!

Got the results of the scan today. The tumor is not dead :( BUT.... It is less alive then it was originally!!!!!!!! To me that is great news, Even though the chemo and radiation did not shrink it, it did diminish the active cancer cells :)  I a not sure where this brings us for next steps, but I am happy that we are going in the right direction.

Now we wait again. Dr. Nicholas will send the results of the scans as well as the images to Toronto and we wait from there. I am planning on enjoying my holidays happily knowing that I am slowly, but surely beating this :)

Hope everyone has great soon to be holidays and I will update when I know more.. Thank you


P.S. The smoking battle has not been won yet.. But I am getting there. Slowly but surely.. It is a hard battle


Anne-Rachel said...

That is amazing news indeed!!!! You are so positive and I am sure have been doing things differently to get to the place you are now. Just thinking of stopping smoking is already very good.
Everything will be alright!!! Yahoo!
A-R xx

Hedy King said...

Bless your heart, you are beating this. Do enjoy your holidays with your girls and try to put the medical side away for the duration. Thanks for posting your good news, I'm praying for you daily, Dear.

LashyLashla said...

praying for you Priss and hoping that there will be lots more good news for you in the future. x