Sunday, 11 November 2012

Thank You!

Hi everyone,

I really want to thank everyone that has been leaving comments. Your encouraging words really help me get through this... Sometimes late at night when I am feeling down, I log on here and read all the positive notes of love, support and encouragement. I know I don't always post thank you's or replies to the comments and I'm sorry, but these do mean the world to me!!! I love hearing from everyone and you can feel free to email me personally if you do want a personal reply.

Also on another note, I've had a lot of questions lately of people asking if they can share my blog with this one, or that one...Please, feel free to share this blog with anyone out there who you think may benefit, or just wants to read it. It is an open blog and everyone is welcome to read it!

Much love,



Anne-Rachel said...

That's great Priscilla. I am happy that this makes you happy. You deserve every word. Sometimes, all we can do, especially me at the other end of the country, is write a few sentences.
You have been through so much already. You get through this and you will get through anything after this. You will and probably already are an inspiration to others going through similar hardships.
I am just looking forward to the day you will have no doctor's appointments, no treatments, just back to normal life.
I find that you are such a wonderful, strong young woman. I have always know you to be such a smiling, happy girl and I see your girls have inherited that from you. You are giving your children such a different heritage and I am so proud of you.
Always in love,

Sue xx said...

You really are wonderful...and yes please every-one share these words and links as they just may help some-one else with a similar disease.
Keep smiling beautiful