Monday, 23 September 2013

First round of chemo

Went in every day last week for chemo. Came home and slept every day. Really feeling exhausted but trying to focus on the positive. I'm doing this so my kids have me around longer :). It's tough on me to hear them cry for mommy when I'm upstairs sleeping away, but I know that sleep means healing. Hooked up to home hydration so I can keep up what little energy I have. I try to make it downstairs for a bit of cuddle time. It's easier with Kyra in school. I get about half an hour of cuddle time with Megan before her nap and then rest again. I get up for Kyra's bus and spend half an hour with her before Megan wakes from her nap. Try to hang out for supper and back to bed. Liam gets me here and there for feedings and naps with me :)

Week 2 of each round is when I am most susceptible to colds and flus and infections. Any of those, will land me in the hospital. Happened twice last time,so I try to get the girls to understand the importance of hand washing. Especially with Kyra being in school. I do not want to catch an infection and land in hospital for a minimum of 4 days, getting blood transfusions and antibiotics and being depressed and sad and crying and away from my babies. 

My neighbours and hubby have been very helpful. Bring the girls out for a run around the block after supper and bringing snacks and meals for me and the girls. They are wonderful people. God bless them. They understand I need all the rest I can get and are always telling me not to worry and ushering me back to sleep. Day 7 to 14 of each round is supposed to be when the chemo is killing all those bad cells... Unfortunately killing the good with it but those know to reproduce and should be back up to normal levels by Day 21. That's when I start the next round again. Scheduled for October 7-12th. Please bear with me if I don't post. I do try to do updates on Facebook as well so feel free to add me on Facebook if you do not have me on there :). 

Thank you for your continued support and comments. They really make my day :). 

Love and blessings to all


Resting with Liam

Mommy's big helper
Mommy's banana eating monkey

2013 Family Picture <3 all my loves. 


Womenfishing - Terri MacKinnon said...

Hugs Priscilla Your a strong warrior and You WILL Overcome this!

Your family is beautiful. Prayers being sent this inconvienience is over quickly.

Hedy King said...

Awww Priscilla, I just want to come take care of you and your precious family. I admire your strength and your love for your babies. As horrible as the disease is, the treatment can be as bad. Your are a Warrior, as Terri said, a strong woman fighting for herself and her family. I pray daily for you to beat this. God is good, He has given you Liam and this treatment is working. Keep the Faith. Honestly, I do wish I could come to your aid while you are having the treatments. Kind of like a Grandma from Blogland. Thanks for posting the update and the pictures for your fans. Hedy

Priscilla Kelly said...

You are a sweet sweet lady :) I would let you visit me anyday :). Xo

Priscilla Kelly said...

Thank you!!

Little Home In The Country said...

Priscilla, your family is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You look radiantly healthy and full of joy :) You are going to beat this ~ I am cheering you on EVERY DAY and I wish that I could be there to physically help you. XOXOXOX You are NOT alone XOXOXOXO

Madge said...

Ah Pricilla, thinking of you everyday and sending positives to you and all your family. Hang in there, I too would like to be able to pop in with a meal or make the beds etc. Hoping all the bugs stay at bay for this week and thank you for update.