Thursday, 13 July 2017

A Week in The Hospice

Priscilla has been admitted to a hospice for a week's rest and to get her pain and fatigue under control

""So, I checked in to hospice yesterday around 4 pm after my naturopath appt. This place has been truly wonderful so far. Lovely home cooked meals and staff so amazing. 
Discussed my pain with Dr. Leigh this morning, it's a new pain that started about a week ago about middle of my back right on my spine. She had increased my pump at the time and it hasn't helped me. So we are going to try steroids for 3 days to see if that helps. She also wants to call the radiation doctor to see if that can be done. I'm really not keen on the radiation idea as I feel that it actually made me worse the last time but I'm willing to look at my options.

 Also started on antibiotics as I have kidney infection again, and I just got off antibiotics maybe 2 weeks ago.

So at the naturopath appt we discussed a few options. My pain, tiredness and fatigue have seriously increased since the last vitamin c infusions. Ideally, she would like me to continue with at least once a week vitamin c infusion which would be just under 600$ a month cost. My second option is starting the mistletoe injections which is going to cost roughly 250$ per month.
So that is the update.
Thank You again for all your uplifting comments and support. I love you all"

and shortly after she posted that there was another message, so much more uplifting

""This place is simply amazing. These people all have huge amazing hearts. Will and I were supposed to have our date night tonight but Because I am here, it was going to be cancelled but the ladies overheard and made us our own date night here. They started us off with a shrimp cocktail, then supper was cordon bleu chicken, stuffed potatoes and veggies and for dessert a baked pear. So delicious. We are waiting for the bill now lol."""

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