Thursday, 20 July 2017

Becky's Post

Well it's been a long few weeks since my last update on things. Kids are out of school and keeping us going none stop. So let's start with a good note before going into the not so pleasant update. 
So to start kids are going great Liam had his 4th birthday yesterday we all took him fishing in Ottawa and they spent the night with family. Kyra and Megan are in some fun summer camps and have been enjoying the relaxing time at home playing in the pool and spending lots of time outside being little girls. Mr Kullen well he is such a cutie pie, always has a smile on his face. He was is weighing in at 18 lbs now, amazing how far the little half pint has come. 
Our plans for the summer haven't gone as we had hoped. We did manage to get a little mini get away in, to Montreal. It was Priscilla, myself and our 3 girls. We had a lot of fun, we got to see the biodome and took a horse buggy tour of old Montreal. But it took a big toll on Priscilla. We have been watching her go down hill fast.

 So as you guessed the not so nice part to this update  but here it goes. Priscilla finished her 20 vitamin c infusions 5 days before we went on our mini vacation. She was tired but pushed through it. The following week she was having a hard time walking and her foot was swelling more then ever. She went to see her doctor and she noticed her decreased ability to do things and the tired look on her face. The doctors plan was to have Priscilla admitted to hospice for a rest. It was suppose to be for one week. Priscilla pain has also gotten out of control even with the increased amount of pain meds its still at a way to high level. With her in hospice they could keep a closer eye on things. Well her week has come and gone and she is still in just as much if not more pain. Her pain has started traveling up into her ribs and arms. The only thing that has changed is the vitamin c infusions in the last 3 weeks This week has been really rough. She wasn't able to get up from bed on her own on Tues. Her legs have both become very weak to the point she can't stand for more then a few seconds. We have watched her struggle with this new problem emotional and mentally. She is having a hard time accepting her limitations. What to do now, well the hope is to get her going on the vitamin c infusions again. We are back to the fundraising in order to get her the infusions again. It is the hardest thing to have to do is sit and watch someone suffer in pain and know there is something that can help but don't have the means to get it for them. We have had a lot of success in the past with help from sharing her story. So again we are asking for your help to share the story and get the fund she will need to do these infusions. We are once again looking at about $1300 per month to do these infusions. The family CAN NOT afford these without help. Thank you for all the help and support till next update god bless everyone.

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