Thursday, 20 July 2017

Thursday 20th July

Health update :
Since infusions stopped and I've been at hospice things have gotten worse. I have extreme pain in my ribs and entire abdomen area, my legs are extremely wobbly to the point where I cannot stand up without assistance and walking is painful and slow with the walker.
Well today I got great news and feel super blessed. I'm not sure yet I can name the contributor but will do so if I get permission but, a contributor (an agency) has agreed to pay for 2 vitamin c infusions per week, indefinitely!!! I feel extremely blessed and pray that these infusions bring me back to feeling better and hopefully my legs start working again too.

Note from Sue, all the money raised by Gofundme and the various events Priss's friends organised has been used up on the Vit C infusions and other medications, the balance at Gofundme still reads at around $3,400 but the account is actually almost empty now.

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