Tuesday, 3 January 2012

First Toronto appointment.

So I went to meet Dr. Gladdy today and also met Dr. Charles Catton, the radiation oncologist. They are going to discuss everything at the tumor board meeting on Monday and call me Tuesday. So far, the plan seems to be 5 and a half weeks of radiation (28 days) with weekends off. Then 8 weeks break, then surgery. Things might change after the meeting, but at least there is a plan in mind. So looks like I will be staying in Toronto during the week and heading home on weekends. Doctor Catton has said that he will make sure they schedule me for early Friday morning and late Monday afternoon so that I can be home Friday nights and leave Monday mornings.... So at least I can spend time with my girls. Recorded everything the doctors said, so I will most likely listen to it again and know more then. Like Dr. Gladdy mentionned, on your first visit, you will feel very overwhelmed and only hear about 25% of what was said. Might post more once I listen to the recordings again. Feeling very overwhelmed at the moment. That's it for now.


Sue said...

At least we have a better idea now of the treatment planned, they are working your need to go home to the children. It's good that you were able to record the meeting too.
Sending a huge hug...you must be shattered,

Priscilla Kelly said...

I am shattered. But, I am also feeling a lot better about things.... He did say that this was very curable and that helped calm me down a lot and feel better. Also got some pain medication for the nerve pain in my spine, so that will help me be more tolerable :) I also realize that being away from my kids is not something I really want to do, BUT..... It is for the best and will ensure that I will be around to pester them when they are older :)