Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Thoughts of the Day

Alright, SO I've looked at the reports that were printed for me at the doctor's and all I got was my MRI report from Dec 23th and the Pathology report, So, I booked an appointment with my family doctor for January 10th, also miss Kyra's 3rd birthday :). THroughout this whole process, I have ensured that he gets copies of all documents, reports etc and I will ask him for a printout of all of them for my medical file. I have also purchased a day planner to help organize the turmoil of all the appointments for myself as well as for the girls so it will help me. Because of all the stress I have had, I feel like this will help me feel that I have more control. I've picked up my prescription for Gabapentin today. Hopefully it will ease some of the pain from the pressure of the tumor on my spine. This week will be hectic as I need to organize a few things before I head to Toronto. I need to go to the Canadian Cancer Society and apply for funding for travel, I also need to contact CAS Crown Ward After Care Emergency Funds and ask if they can help with the price of lodging at the PMH Lodge. The nurse at Princess Margaret Hospital said she thinks it is about $100/week and includes 3 meals a day. It's not expensive but if I can get help, it will most definitely be appreciative, I also need to set up babysitting/daycare for the girls. Lots of things to do :) But I feel a lot better now that there is a plan in mind and that I know this thing is curable. THe pathology report indicates it is round cell/myxoid liposarcoma. I will have to go to Toronto for follow up appointments for the next 10 years I was told but I can now say this. I AM, AND WILL BE A CANCER SURVIVOR!! For my girls and my family :) Much Love,

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Joe said...

So "glad" to "hear" all this! YOU GO GIRL! THAT's MY BABY! THAT'S THE SPIRIT! Good head on your shoulder too! :) Good thing also with the day planner... couldn't live without it here as I am a total space cadet! :)
Keep your chin to google the big words now you heaps