Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Journey So Far...

Hallo and welcome to my blog where I will try to make some sense of what lies ahead and keep a record of my fight.

I am, Priscilla, a 28 yr old wife and mother of two daughters, K is almost 3 yrs old and M is only 4months.
On November 13th, 2011, I was playing with K and she sat on my tummy...I felt pain and then found a grapefruit sized lump at my waist, to the left of my navel. My exact words to Sue(Mum) were

    • I found a large hard lump in my stomach on Sunday.... Called doc Monday and he told me to go in right away. Sent me for an ultrasound. Which was today and lasted an hour!!!!!!!!! Finally at the end the lady stamped the papers rush and stat and told me that if my doctor hasn't called me by Monday to call him and make sure I follow up...... So now I'm worried sick :( urgh."
Later in the week I still hadn't heard and sent another PM to Sue
    • I'm hoping it is just a fibroid. It starts just under my ribcage on the left side and goes all the way down to about mid stomach. It's about the size of a grapefruit and tender to pressure. (i noticed the pain of it when kyra came to sit on my stomach when I was laying down to cuddle with me"
After the first ultrasound I was told I had a tumour, 15.5x6.1cms in size, my GP told me that there's a 90% chance it's benign....the reports reads as follows..

    • This is what u/s report says. Big medical terms. There is at the level of the paraumbilical area on left side evidence of a large mass in the left lower quadrant displacing the aorta to the right. This large mass measures 15.5 cm by 6.1 cm and has a lobulated appearance. This mass is mainly heterogeneous and predominantly solid without any definite large cystic lesion. The lesion is pushing over the left psoas muscle. The etymology of this lesion is unknown and certainly further assessment is recommended. A ct scan examination should be the method of choice to investigate this large lobulated lesion which is compressing the retroperitoneal structure and encasing the arterial supply to the pelvis and lower limbs.

      After this, I saw Dr Weaver on November 24th and he referred me to Dr Rebecca Auer in Ottawa. I saw her on December 8th and she gently told me that it is cancer...very, very rare and growing from my abdominal muscle, wrapping itself around my aorta and intestines. You can read more about retro peritoneal liposarcoma here.
      I have also joined a forum run by the Liddy Shriver Group and met other people with this same cancer and been very encouraged by this.

      So this where we're at right now, waiting to go to Toronto to meet the new specialists and then back to Ottawa the same day!

    • Here are some of the dates i remember...
    • Nov 14 th Went to doctor's to discuss lump I found
    • Nov 17 th Initial Ultrasound
    • Nov 23rd Results from ultrasound show evidence of large tumor
    • Nov 24th. Emergency department for CT scan. News of C word...
    • Dec 8 first appointment with Dr. Auer
    • Dec 16 Biopsy
    • Dec 22 MRI and Dr, Auer. Refferred to Toronto
    • Dec 30th Chest CT scan
    • I guess I did have all the dates down in my phone
    • I am off to bed now though! Wont make it til midnight lol XOX

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