Friday, 20 January 2012

The latest.... change of diagnosis

I went to Toronto on The 17th of January. I hadn't been able to post because I was too upset. I am feeling a little better now but still completed confused... It has also been rough because I've been filled with worry about little Austin, who thank God is slowly getting better now. So hre is the news....I don't have liposarcoma. I have a children's cancer call neuroblastoma. Ottawa is the one that diagnosed me with liposarcoma but because I was transferred to PMH (Princess Margaret Hospital), it is their policy to do their own testing.  They had 3 people test the sample in Toronto and all 3 of them concluded it was neuroblastoma. So now more tests in Ottawa including genetics testing among other testing. Not too sure what all the tests are as I still haven't received any follow up information. Also being referred to pediatric oncologist in Ottawa for chemo. Surgery will be in Toronto. Then depending on genetics testing.... Radiation. Looking at 9 months, give or take. Dr. Gupta, the pediatric oncologist in Toronto is in charge of getting everything set up in Ottawa and over-seeing the work. She said in 10 years at the biggest cancer centre in Canada (PMH), I am the 3rd adult to get this cancer?? Why can't I just be normal?????! So now, it's Friday and I haven't heard from Dr. Gupta yet... She has said she would contact me latest today and nothing.. Guess I will be calling Monday


Sue said...

Any word yet, Love?
We're thinking of you with much love as always

Priscilla Kelly said...

Yes. Finally got a call today for an appointment