Saturday, 28 January 2012

Tips For Coping With Chemo

Now that we know Priscilla will start chemo very soon and she will have side effects to the strong drugs she will be given I found this link to be rather helpful:

Chemotherapy Side Effects

There are tips to deal with just about everything Priscilla's body will endure, tips for Will and others who may be caring for her and most importantly tips on to cope with it all for our beloved Priss.

Here's a link to strategies for coping as a patient, with lots of testimonials from other survivors and a humour page too!

Oncolink Support

and some photos from happier times to remind Priscilla of her focus here. Kyra's first ice lolly....she looks rather surprised doesn't she? This was on a warm Saturday afternoon in Montreal on our way to Parc La Fontaine.

Here are Will, Priscilla and Kyra with the priest just after Kyra was christened...

Here's many of the family and friends who attended Priscilla and Will's lovely wedding in 2009

Last's Prisca in summer 2006 at her aunt and uncle's Mechoui BBQ out in rural St Jude, Quebec...yes they even had cell-phone reception lol

Hang in there, Sweetheart

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