Thursday, 12 January 2012

Toronto Again.....

Dr. Gladdy's office called today. I need to go see Dr. David Hogg on January 17th at 10 am. Not taking the bus this time. That was too much for me. Going to be driving up with my friend Louise and taking the van. I really don't want to go. I just want to get things started. I don't want to go through any of it actually, but I know I don't have a choice but let me tell you this.... IT SUCKS... No other words will explain what I think of all this right now unless I insert many vulgar words............. I feel very depressed about the whole situation, I don't want to deal with it and wish someone would pinch me so I could wake up from this ridiculous nightmare. But that isn't helping...... I am happy that I am getting support through family and friends and that is what I need at the moment..

I need to pick up my x-rays as well as my latest MRI images from Dr. Auer's office sometime this week before I head up to Toronto. Dr. Hogg is a medical oncologist as well as I believe Chief of Genetics research so he will know what he is looking at and hopefully I will know more and have a plan all over again... I really hope the hiccups in the road stop so I can just get rid of this stupid lump!!!!!! I'm feeling very overwhelmed by everything and find it very hard not to cry all the time. But for my girls, I have too.

I did manage to get a hold of the Canadian Cancer Society and now have the papers to fill out for transportation. They will reimburse the cheapest cost of travel no matter which way I get there. I believe in my case it's the bus, but I can drive there and they will reimburse me the cost of round trip bus fare. So one step is done!! They also will get the Peer Support Group to give me a call so they can find a similar person who has been through what I am going through. Hopefully that will help. With all the waiting that I am doing, it's really been hard to keep in positive spirits.

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