Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Dentist outcome

So I went to the dentist's today.... Got 2 Quotes..... One was for 5 teeth extractions, and 2 cavity fillings and a partial bridge for 2133$...... The other one was for $2995 for 3 root canals, 2 teeth extractions and 5 cavity fillings.... This all has to be done before chemo starts to minimize risk of infection. We are probably gonna go the cheaper route.... Talked to social worker as well... There isn't much options. For dental work but I will look around for something. She suggested calling around and telling the dentist's I'm a cancer patient and see if they have a heart and offer cheaper rates.... We will see. She said she would call around for me too and see what she can find. That's all for now!!!

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Sue xx said...

I'm so sorry this has become a problem. I just do not know what to suggest.