Tuesday, 28 February 2012

First Dose of Chemotherapy

Will copy and paste Prisca's words from her message to me, when I asked her how today had gone,

    • Not too bad. But I feel like crap :(. Stomach is a messssssssss. Waiting for nausea meds to kick in. Hoping that happens soon :(

      Got two more added to the mix. I take zofran at breakfast and bedtime for 5 days, and decadron breakfast and supper and the prochlorperazine every 4 hours as needed and if it's still bad, I can take it by injection, but nurse will come to do it, just have to call.

      Also got ranitidine to help because the decadron can be harsh on your stomach.

      They are sending the nurse for an injection now. I just threw up like crazy!!!

      Finally settled down after throwing up 5 times! And an injection!

      Rather graphic but this is Priscilla's Journey, warts and all! ;)

      Hope tomorrow is easier, my pal Deb said the first day was the worst for her. Will(DH) and Ron(housemate) are taking turns to get up with Megan(5mos) if she wakes in the night so that Priscilla can get her much-needed rest.

      Thank you every-one for your continuing words of support and love,

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Priscilla Kelly said...

Nurse at hospital thinks it is the carboplatin that caused the nausea. I have only Etoposide today and tomorrow. She told me to take the stematil (prochlorazine) every 4 hours. And is giving me an IV dose of it pre-chemo drugs today, so hopefully we will have a better day. She said stick to light meals, soup, toast, etc. nothing rich. Hoping that today will be an easier day. Thank you everyone for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.