Friday, 24 February 2012

Priscilla's Week

has been a very busy one. On Tuesday she was injected with a radio-active dye for something called Nuclear Imaging. Her first scan was done on Wednesday morning and she was required to lie still for 1 hour while the scans were taken.

Thursday was a day you wouldn't read about! Up very early for the second scan and then off to the oral surgeon so that he could check the work done last week. He explained that he'd cut some fat from Priss's cheek to plug the cavity caused when one of the 4 teeth were extracted and he was very pleased with the healing.

Next port of call was the dentist to collect her partial bridge, it needs adjusting.

Last but far from least was the hospital for her bone marrow biopsy. Priscilla's white blood cells will be taking a hammering in the next 4 months and she will be required to give herself 10 injections of neupogan to boost her supply of them. This was a shock as she hadn't known she needed so many injections or that she would have to inject them herself. A nurse will come to the house to show her how to do this.

The day was saved by a visit to a clever hairdresser who cut Priscilla's hair and restyled it for her. This was so successful in making her look younger that she was asked for ID when she went to buy a lottery ticket lol See how cute she looks?

Chemo begins on Monday morning and continues on Tuesday and Wednesday. Priscilla had a long overdue cry last night with Will and Kyra holding her tight until she could stop. She's tough and will handle the coming weeks bravely...we know the treatment is rough but will work.



Priscilla Kelly said...

Thank you for posting all this for me mum :). It's appreciated. I'm so scared for Monday. Wish it wouldn't come. It's weird, I thought I'd be happy once it all started, but now I'm scared.... I know I will get through it but the fear is very overwhelming.

Sue said...

It's the fear of the unknown, isn't it awful...let's wait until after this first treatment to see how you feel, it may be hard to go back the following day but you have your anti-nausea meds now and the experienced staff at the chemo dept will know how apprehensive you are. They'll make you comfortable, perhaps make you a coffee, so grab a magazine and rest while the drugs go in. They'll start working on that tumour and the week will pass quickly.
We'll all be with you in spirit even if you can't see us please know that we love you deeply and are in the room with you.