Sunday, 19 February 2012

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Hi Every-one, thanks for your loving thoughts ..I am way behind in my updates, sorry.

Last week Priscilla  has had 2 front teeth removed and 2 molar pulled away the bone that divides the jaw from sinus cavity so that had to be repaired and stitched up from the inside, she's on a diet of yogurt and soup and very sore and swollen! 4 stitches inside her mouth and she really recommends Bacon and Potato soup!

This week begins Tuesday with the injection of the radio-active dye, Wednesday morning the first MIBG scan, Thursday morning the second scan and then she sees the oral surgeon to make sure her mouth is healing. She collects her partial bridge from her dentist an hour after that and has her bone marrow biopsy 90 minutes later.

Priss has been presribed Prochlorperazine for the vomiting and nausea she's already experiencing. The Chemo starts on Feb 27 with sessions on the following 2 days and next 15(?)weeks, then the radiation and hopefully surgery to remove the vastly decreased tumour.

Hang in there Sweetheart


Priscilla Kelly said...

I received the chemo dates today. February 27th at 10 am. February 28 at 1130 am and February 29th at 2 pm. I have a friend coming for sure the 27th and looks like I may have someone the next two days as well to sit and chat with me through it.

Priscilla Kelly said...

I counted the total amount of stitches in my mouth today.... Including the 4 inside my left cheek I have 15 stitches. 4 in the left top molar, 4 in the right bottom molar and 3 in the front two teeth that we're pulled. That's a lot of stitches lol.

Little Home In The Country said...

You are thought of today and every day! :) Sending strength your way... ONE day at a time.... One Hour at a time, One Minute at a time...

Sue said...

Thank you for your loving thoughts, Sherri