Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Helpers Will Be Needed

NatalieAnn at the Down to Earth Forums where Priscilla and I are members has suggested that as well as listing appointments and resources here we actually ask for help from family and friends...these are her own words

  1. Many now have friends start a calendar blog with a treatment schedule, baby sitting needs, meals, transportation, someone to sit with the patient throughout chemotherapy tx., & where helpers can sign up for what ever they are available for. I hope there are some resources available for you Priscilla, to make your process throughout treatment as smooth as possible. Praying, hoping & wishing you the very best.

    As Joe and I are so far away and cannot help in practical terms I'm asking that you please contact Priscilla and offer your assistance in one of these ways mentioned by NatalieAnn...perhaps a meal for the freezer or an offer of a little housework...another mentioned that just having a clean bathroom and kitchen would be a wonderful gift to Priscilla and Will. Is any-one willing to go and sit with Pearlz as she undergoes the treatment? I know many of you are working full-time too which makes it more difficult.

    Other encouraging posts from the forum....

    1. One more thing Priscilla................if someone asks if they can help...........Say YES! People dont know what you need, or how they can help, but they really want to do something for you. Some ideas,

      Some meals to freeze
      Help with the children
      Help with housework - a clean bathroom will make anyone feel better!
      Picking up prescriptions or groceries
      Washing / ironing

      I wish I could hold your hands and take the fear away.

      Tarnie(a cancer survivor)

      Lisa said

      1. Priss I have no words of wisdom or ideas and suggestions for treatment but as a mother of 2 children the same age as yours I can only imagine the thoughts running through your mind. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this terrible time xx

        And here's our Lovelies in their Christmas dresses xxxxx



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